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Andrew Bohrer has written, in a surly manner,  at caskstrength.wordpress.com, (back when people blogged) and various drinky periodicals like Bar Magazine, PUNCH or Seattle Met.  He authored The Best Shots You’ve Never Tried: 100+ Intoxicating Oddities You’ll Actually Want to Put Down, a book that he did not title. He gives seminars on topics ranging from chef’s knives to chainsaws; topics for which he is well versed. Andrew Bohrer is a co-founder of the Washington State Bartender’s Guild.

He was a former bartender at Vessel and Rob Roy and was the opening bar manager at both Naga Cocktail Lounge and Mistral Kitchen―all 4 bars listed in Food and Wine’s top 100 bars in the world.  Andrew later built the spirits portfolio for Vinum Importing and Distribution for Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  After that he was the VP of Sales for Novo Fogo Organic Cachaça. Andrew Bohrer is one of the owners of the Capitol Vodka and Citizen Gin which are standouts in their respective categories in that, he owns them.  These days, Andrew makes his living as a writer, who too often tells the truth, and and illustrator that doesn’t know how to use an eraser.



Andrew can also open a bottle of beer faster than any mortal.



contact: andrew bohrer at gmail dot com